Appraisals provide you with a replacement value of your fine jewelry pieces for insurance purposes. When requested, we will provide an appraisal to the client at no cost for engagement rings and wedding bands that we hand make.

We encourage clients to have their jewelry insured since we cannot assume the risk for jewelry that is lost or stolen. We also cannot assume the risk for jewelry that is damaged due to normal wear and tear, accidents, and mistreatment or is damaged because of any condition previously advised to the client.

How often should appraisals be updated?

This depends on your insurance company and policy. Most require appraisals be updated every three to five years. We recommend updating your appraisals to ensure they reflect current market values, which can fluctuate and change.

How much are appraisals?

Appraisal prices vary depending on the jewelry to be appraised. If you would like more information regarding jewelry appraisals and pricing, please call our office to schedule an appointment today.